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Help for organisers

The FamilyLife team would like to help you strengthen families in your community. One way we can do that is through our A Day Together seminar for couples.
A Day Together is ideal as a stand-alone event, as a refresher for another couples’ course or an outreach into the community. It is an exciting new tool that helps couples of all faiths and none. Couples put aside a day to draw closer to one another and look at key issues, including communication, conflict and intimacy.  Seasoned with relevant and inspiring Christian testimony, A Day Together helps couples to grow closer together and ultimately, also to God. 
A Day Together event is a partnership between a host – which could be you – and the FamilyLife team. Details of what happens and how to host an event is in our organiser’s guide click here.
FamilyLife also partners with churches and community organisations to run short seminars and fun events like ‘what is love, actually?’ and ‘what women really want!’ You'll find stories from these kinds of seminars on the website.
If you are interested in finding out more or have any questions and comments please click here to contact us.
Resources available for organisers of A Day Together

The following documents are available to help organisers of events - just click on the one you want to download:

Organisers guide

Registration spreadsheet