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How it works

There are four easy-to-follow steps to giving everyone in your community the story of Jesus.

Step 1: Prepare the way

  A hand-addressed envelope is put through letterboxes for every home in your selected geographical area. It contains a letter from the church and a colour leaflet offering a free DVD.

Click here to see what the Offer Leaflet looks like.
Step 2: Make the offer

  A few days later, two Christians from your church call on their assigned homes to offer householders their free copy of the DVD.

"...when I saw how simple it was to offer the DVD, I decided to have a go! The project isn't just for outgoing people."
(Church Member) 
Step 3: The questionnaire 

    One week later, the same two people return to take an opinion questionnaire. This is to find out what the viewer thought of the film, and if interested, to offer him/her a copy of a gospel magazine - No Ordinary Man.

Click here to see the Viewer Opinion Questionnaire. 
Step 4: Follow up interest

  Interested viewers are invited to attend a one-off event, discussion group or enquirers' course.

Click here to see a sample of the No Ordinary Man follow-up magazine.