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What people say

I am convinced this concept is one of the most effective ways for the Church to bring the story of Jesus to the nation. It's a cost-effective and sensitive means of local evangelism.
(The Venerable Robert Freeman, Archdeacon of Halifax)

While many are benefiting from Alpha all over the country, I am always encouraging churches to be creative and reach beyond their frindge for participants. The Jesus Video Project is an excellent way of doing this. I especially like the 'free offer' and the freedom to say 'yes' or 'no' at each stage; this process stirs up people's interest to consider the claims of Christ.
(Rev. Alex Welby, Aplha Regional Advisor for Devon)

This film has made us both realise that there is something missing in our lives. Please don't let us get away.

The Jesus Film was well received by those outside the church and 50% of those offered the DVD wanted one. Some have started coming to church because of the film. It's all about building bridges and making contacts. Only time will tell the impact the project has had.
(Rev. Norman Brown, Church Leader,Ballymena)

One of the greatest things coming out of our Jesus Video Project has been working so closely with the ten other churches in our area.
(Rev. Fred Bell, Royton, Lancs.)