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Why get involved

Benefits for the church
  • Brings a go and tell emphasis rather than typical come and hear approach.
  • All members can be involved in some way.
  • Produces a pool of warm contacts who are open to appropriate follow-up.
Benefits for the viewer
  • Gives him/her access to the story without having to come onto church territory.
  • Freedom to think about Jesus without pressure or obligation.
  • Potential for having on-going contact with local Christians.
Benefits for the Christian
  • Provides an easy step for learning how to share their faith.
  • A realistic project with relatively high success rate (people taking a DVD).
  • A cringe-free way to get the story of Jesus into people's hands.
Benefits for churches together
  • An ideal cooperative venture in the community.
  • Makes it possible for a wide area to be exposed to the story of Jesus.
  • Getting out the truth about Jesus becomes the uniting factor.

"We now have contact with many in our parish who would never have read a gospel but have now watched one." (Charles Willbe: Elsenham)

"The Jesus Video Project sowed seeds 18 months ago and it's still bearing fruit."
(Revd Mark Landreth-Smith: Camberley)

"This project has proved to be a brilliant way of raising the profile of Jesus in the neighbourhood and getting people to think about him. There was a real buzz in the church while we were doing the project."
(Derek Clark: Cranleigh Baptish Church)