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Agapé Student Life: How to share your faith
everything from Biblical motivations to practical tools

Tools to equip you to go

► SEED groups

Group Bible Studies designed to help you learn how to share your faith.

► Common Objections 

Ever get asked those tricky questions like 'Are God and science compatible?' Here are some articles to help you think it all through!

► The Biscuit Trail

A set of colourful cards that provoke discussion about the steps involved in helping others begin to follow Jesus.

► My Story

Learn how to share your story with those around you with the opportunity to share your story online!

► Five in Focus

Get praying! This prayer card allows you to write down five people that you want to regularly pray for.


Ten short videos designed to help you get to grips with those tricky topics like 'the problem of evil' and feel equipped to answer questions like 'How can we trust the Bible?'

Tools to use as you go

► Knowing God Personally

This short booklet helps others learn what it means to be a Christian by entering into a personal relationship with God.

► Soularium 

Spark spiritual conversations with those around you using Soularium – a pack of 50 original photographic images and five simple questions!

► Thinkbox

Thinkbox is a printable version of Soularium with photos to spark spiritual conversations. You can print it off and start using it straight away!

► Perspective Cards 

Find out you the worldview of those around you with Perspective Cards - an evangelism tool used for initiating spiritual conversations and meaningful dialogue!

► What Women Want

What Women Want is a discussion group which aims to provide a fun, safe and comfortable environment for women to explore different areas of life that affect them during their time at university.

► Connect 

A six session series designed to introduce the central themes of the Christian faith by letting the Bible speak for itself.


Here are some outreach ideas and big campaigns for you to try and make a splash on campus!

► Nightclub Outreach

A practical way to share God's love with students on a night out.

► Clean Team

Get your hands dirty! A project to help engage with and serve students by cleaning their accommodation for free!