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Agapé Student Life North East and Cumbria

Student Life North East exists to connect people to God, connect people to each other and serve the universities, so that we can ultimately change the world for Christ. We exist at both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities with a joint weekly gathering on Thursdays and then activities throughout the week.

Student Life is a diverse community of people of all beliefs and backgrounds. We have Christians, Muslims, Hindus, people of other faiths, people from the LGBT group, British Students, International Students and people who aren’t students at all but who love to hang around with us!


We’re all about making friends, eating food and talking life. We create the opportunity for people to meet Jesus and experience him through community and friendship, exploring the big questions of life in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment.

We’re a Student Union society at both universities and run all sorts of different things on campus to serve people at different places on their spiritual journey. That includes: Socials, a weekly meeting with food, discussion groups, partnership events with other societies, distributing relax packs to stressed students, Bible studies for Christians and non-Christians, training events, conferences, humanitarian aid projects and mission projects.

“When I’m in the Student Life community I feel safe. I can be my complete self rather than parts of myself. I don’t have to hide anything. It’s being part of a family really.”

Within the society we have a number of Christians who want to grow in their faith and learn how to better share it with others. During the week, there is the option to meet as part of a SEED group for this purpose (SEED stands for Students Engaged in Evangelism and Discipleship). These groups are to gather with like minded people for friendship and support and usually include vision casting, planning, prayer and accountability on action steps. There is also opportunity within these groups or at other times to receive practical training in sharing your faith, an introduction resources that can help in that and coaching. For more information contact:

Church Recommendations

Jesmond Parish

An evangelical Anglican church known for its good teaching, student Bible studies, and quite large body of people.

City Church

A New Frontiers church with lively worship, good Bible teaching and lots of opportunities to serve.

Heaton Baptist

A family-feeling church in the heart of student neighbourhoods.

Tyneside Central

A new Acts 29 church plant in Gateshead. It wants to work with the local community, asylum seekers and unchurched of Tyneside.

Christ Church

A small evangelical church planting church with plants in both Heaton and Fenham.

Westgate Baptist

A family feeling Baptist Church in Fenham.

Durham Road Baptist Church

A small and friendly all-age church in Gateshead with a real heart for mission.


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