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Agapé Student Life Northern Ireland

Student Life is a community that exists to make Jesus known amongst university students. We are a group which encourages one another to share our faith with our classmates as we dream of giving every student in Northern Ireland an opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel. We are also a safe space for anyone to come and consider what they believe, ask questions and learn about Jesus without any judgement or expectation.

We began on Queen's University, Belfast in 2015, and have formed a weekly discussion group which explores life's big questions - it is open and welcoming for anyone to join and explore what they believe. We also have a number of discipleship groups; believers meeting together in small groups to be pointed to Jesus and trained in how to talk about him with their friends. Students are encouraged to put their ideas for reaching the campus in to action, and Agapé staff are there to support these projects! 

Since 2018, we are spreading across the entire province, for Christians on any campus to start a movement of believers who want to see their friends and whole campus come to know Jesus. Now, we are present on St Mary's University College, Belfast School of Art and UU Coleraine, and praying for Stranmillis, UU Jordanstown and Magee!

Do you want to join in a community that lives out the Gospel and be empowered to share it with others? Or are you looking for a place to explore what you believe and be challenged to think?

Get in touch and we can help you do that!


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Meet the team