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Work Life

Agapé has two distinct strategies aimed at supporting people in their places of work.
Agapé Graduate Movement

Led and run by volunteers, the Agapé Graduate Movement is a movement of recent graduates trying to follow Jesus and help others follow Jesus at work.  With local group gatherings and national day events, the Agapé Graduate Movement hopes to help young professionals around the country get into the habit of gospel witness during those first years after leaving university, before the growing pressures of life make this a more difficult habit to start.

Currently, there are two teams in London and a team in Oxford, but the movement is growing.  If you are interested in finding out more about getting involved with the Agapé Graduate Movement in your city, visit

Agapé Workplace Initiative

Agapé Workplace Initiative is working in Birmingham to nurture and challenge people of all ages working in all sectors of society to a life of integrity, creativity and servant-heartedness in their workplaces, where most Brits spend half their waking hours.  We run unique courses which help working people embrace new skills, clarify life goals, tackle stress and revitalise their relationships within the workplace.

To find out more about Agapé Workplace Initiative visit the AWI website.

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