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Not what I expected…
By Ruth Brown on 28 Mar 2017

Me, lead a course on relationships? Never! But I did want to know what the Familylife material was like, so at Agapé’s MOVE weekend I went to the seminar introducing their Together course.

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Sowing seeds of the gospel in Staffordshire
By Jonny Staton on 06 Mar 2017

As part of our recent MOVE Weekend, we wanted to demonstrate the invitation to ‘encounter God’s unconditional love’ in a practical way. So on the Saturday afternoon, we partnered with five local churc...
To go or not to go? Thoughts on summer mission
By Krystle Appiah on 03 Mar 2017

'Lake Tahoe doesn't need missionaries.' It was this throwaway comment that got me thinking. Actually, it wasn't the first time I'd heard something to this effect.
Toucan goes LIVE!
By Christine Daniel on 14 Feb 2017

We are excited to launch Toucan – a fresh and unique online experience for couples, developed by our Family Life ministry, giving tools to build a happier, healthier relationship.
Whole-hearted then; whole-hearted now
By Rachel Wears on 09 Feb 2017

“Come help change the world.” This has been Agapé’s rallying cry for the past 50 years, and was repeated emphatically again at MOVE Weekend 2017, our 50th anniversary celebration in Yarnfield, Staffor...
Marriage Week – what’s the big idea?
By Jo Arkell on 07 Feb 2017

Richard and Maria Kane kicked off Marriage Week (7-14 February) in 1997, a whole 20 years ago! Richard describes how the project came about. “I had a friend who had separated from his wife and I asked...
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