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Women Speak Out

‘What would be your message to empower women this International Women’s day?’ This question was asked to young women at universities across the UK during March through a campaign called ‘Women Speak Out’.

The campaign was first inspired by a narrative company called ‘Dear World’ with the aim of capturing people’s life stories by writing capturing messages on their bodies, and sharing them.

The same idea has been used by students involved with Agapé Student Life at Universities in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Nottingham and Newcastle this year, and has been hosted at other Universities across Europe over the last few years.

‘Women Speak Out’ has grown across different campuses over the past few years and has given more and more women the opportunity to encourage one another by writing their messages on their body, having their photograph taken, and sharing it with others through social media. The photos are then presented at an exhibition event on each campus to give more people the opportunity read the personal messages women are passionate to voice.

A unique atmosphere of trust is created as women honestly share their stories which provides special opportunities to reveal the love of Christ into the depths of their hearts as they express their needs and passions towards such a prevalent topic in today’s society. The conversations and friendships also continue as women are invited to a group called ‘What women want’ which provides a discussion of key topics such as relationships, satisfaction, and worth, and explores how knowing God can transform lives and perspectives on these topics.

A student from Birmingham City University said ‘Agapé’s ‘Women Speak out' is one of my favourite campaigns on campus! It’s close to my heart as it’s where I met the girls who started the campaign and they are now friends for life. It’s so important to celebrate as the global gender gap report states that it will take 217 years to close the gender parity gap which is unbelievable. Speak-out brings amazing women together, celebrates their achievements, allows them to project their voice in a visual way, and enables them to share their personal message with others!’

A Christian student from Oxford Brookes University said ‘Speak out was a great way of really reopening my relationship with God and those around me. I could see him working in so many women I met, non-Christian and Christian. I could see so clearly His love for the women I met and sharing His love with them has been the most empowering thing about the campaign. I can’t wait wait for what He has in store next year!’

Please join us in thanking God for His incredible love for women, and for His continued work in the hearts of the women who were involved in ‘Women Speak Out’ this year!

By Anna Redmond
Anna is a graduate from the University of Birmingham where she studied Philosophy, and now works with the Agapé Student Life team in Birmingham.


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