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Visitors from across the pond

All over the globe, people look at the UK as a pin-up for Christianity. But in truth, our vast spiritual heritage is more of a distant memory than a present-day reality. This once great, sending nation has become one in dire need of help from Christians around the world to bring the message of the gospel to its people.

So, for a week in February, a group of Canadian students from our sister organisation, Power to Change, came in response to this call in order to engage people in Britain with God’s love. They came to Nottingham and London, spending hours each day striking up conversation with students around the local university campuses, building up friendships and inviting them along to Student Life events.

In Nottingham, it was a huge blessing to have a dozen people who are all passionate about the gospel, full of energy and enthusiasm, and solely dedicated to being God’s witnesses on the campus for that week. We were able to accomplish things that would never have been possible without them. 

Throughout their time, they spoke with 150 people and got the name of Jesus on the agenda of many students. They were also key in helping to advertise the “Porn Again Christian” event we ran during the week, which saw over 100 students turn out to hear Teresa’s (an ex-porn star) journey of faith. But also, as Mandla, one of our Student Leaders, puts it, “the passion and enthusiasm they brought really helped give us a new wave of energy, and their boldness challenged us to engage with students with a more expectant, outgoing attitude.” 

When reflecting on the week here, Holly wrote, “Coming to the UK has been an experience of a lifetime!...I’ve learned so much about sharing my faith, and I've had an amazing time putting what I’ve learned into practice…I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to go again and again!”

We praise God that we are part of a global family that seeks to further God’s Kingdom all over the world. Now, we pray for the seeds here to grow, and for more labourers to join in the harvest!

By Jonathan Staton
Jonny Staton works as part of the Agapé Student Life team in Oxford with his wife Ellie. He studied Economics, loves playing sports, and has an identical twin brother!


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