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Our History

In 1951, the movement of Agapé began on one university campus with one couple, Bill and Vonette Bright (pictured above), who trusted God for big things.  They recognised that university students were the future influencers of society.  In their first year, over 250 students decided to become followers of Jesus.  As this student movement grew, it rapidly spread to other campuses and around the world.

In 1967, Dr. Bright sent a team of fifty-five men and women to the UK to help build spiritual movements on university campuses. Soon, working in partnership with others who shared the vision, student movements were flourishing in five universities across the country, and by the early 1970s, thousands had been trained to share their faith.

Today, Agapé continues with the same vision and values that began the movement so many years ago. Though the university remains a central focus, Agapé now works with people of influence in most areas of life, and has sent British staff to help build spiritual movements on every continent.