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Internship Programme

University graduates can spend a year with Agapé, either here in the UK or overseas.

Agapé’s Internship Programme is designed for university graduates who want to make their lives count for God, but know they need help to be more effective. Graduates can spend 1-2 years as part of one of our Student Life teams in the UK, helping university students see, hear and understand Jesus’ message.

Opportunities are also available for graduates who want to use their degree or professional experience in Operations, Communications or Human Resources, or, for those who would like to get involved in humanitarian work, with our aid partner GAiN (the Global Aid Network).

Agapé’s STINT (Short-Term International) Year abroad offers graduates the opportunity to make an impact at a university in a different part of the world.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will be equipped with the tools you need to live a radical life of service and influence, wherever you end up in the future.   

You will receive high quality training and practical experience:
  • Learning to engage with people and communicate Jesus’ message
  • Getting to know Jesus better and deepening the foundations of your relationship with him
  • Increasing your knowledge of the Bible
  • Investing your life in others so they, in turn, can do the same
  • Maturing in character and vision

With plenty of training and help, Agapé Interns raise funds to cover their living costs and training during the Internship Programme.  They develop a team of people who regularly pray for them, encourage them, and give financially towards their year with Agapé. This can seem daunting, but for over 40 years, God has provided for hundreds of UK staff and interns in this way.

Please fill out the form here to request an application pack.

Clare Potter

Agapé had such a big impact on my life whilst I was a university student that I decided to do the Internship Programme so that others could experience God as I had. I want my life to count for God, and the Internship Programme helped prepare me for a lifetime of disciple-making. 

Clare worked as an intern in Birmingham on a Student Life team

Fergus Mckie

Through the Internship Programme I got to encourage student leaders and share the joy I have in Christ with people every day. I learnt huge amounts about my own strengths and weaknesses and grew along the way into a more effective person. Internships often do this anyway but with Agapé I was taught and challenged spiritually and theologically too; I feel like a more effective disciple of God than ever as a result. It's also fast paced, exciting and refreshing.

Fergus worked as an intern in Newcastle on a Student Life team