The Biscuit Trail

The Biscuit Trail is a resource which came out of our experiences in having conversations about faith with friends and colleagues. It’s a set of colourful cards designed to help you see what you could do (and perhaps are already doing) to help others discover Jesus for the first time.

The cards cover things such as:

  • praying for people
  • connecting the good news of Jesus to work and life
  • relating with others on a spiritual level
  • sharing your own story

…and more.

Group discussion revolves around how to go about approaching each idea, which ones you feel comfortable with, which you find harder to consider doing, and what you have learnt from seeking to take any of these steps.

Each card has suggestions on how to be prepared to use each idea, as well as a helpful case study giving real-life examples to learn from.

The cards enable Christians to recognise the value of what they are already doing, share their experiences with one another, identify where they have more to learn, and discover a few practical ideas for what they could do next.

Check out more about the Biscuit Trail and order your copy in the Agapé UK shop.