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What others say

Global Projects impact lives - both those who you meet overseas and also your own! Be prepared to come back with a fresh perspective on your life and your place in God's mission. Here are some stories of those lives previous summer projects have impacted.

Krish Kandiah

"My trips to Portugal in 1989 and Moscow in 1990 were life changing for me to see what God is doing around the world."

Krish Kandiah - Executive Director: Churches in Mission for Evangelical Alliance UK from 2006 – 2014


Four months have passed, and still I find myself mulling over how good our Lisbon mission trip was! The Agapé training sent us out excited to deliver the message of God's reconciliation to the world. This challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and into His presence, where I felt led by Him in initiating conversations with Portuguese students about what they believed. It was these conversations that looked beneath the cross necklaces many wore as a tradition, and dug deeper into who the character of God really is. Each conversation was as fascinating and complex as we are wonderfully different, but it trained me to communicate this simple truth of God's reconciliation in ways tailored to each of His people. So much that now I am back at Uni, approaching people on campus and starting conversations are of joy and not fear.

Tom has been on a previous project to Portugal


It was a great time for us to witness the heart for Lisbon that the staff there have, despite being the only full time workers. Our goal was to make new contacts with people, who would potentially be up for knowing more about the relationship they can have with Jesus. It was both challenging and exciting and helped us to share our faith with students, despite a language barrier. This experience has helped to shape our conversations whilst back at university, and helped us to minister in ways that we never thought of before! I was truly blessed by the opportunity and the team that I was lucky enough to serve with out in Lisbon!

Yasmin has been on a previous project to Portugal


Through summer projects I’ve come to understand how God desires to use each of us purposefully and uniquely in His plan to reach those who have not yet heard about Jesus, bringing them back to Him. 

In St. Petersburg we saw the work He is already doing and felt humbled and blessed to be part of His mission to Russia for a short time. Projects are absolutely top notch fun and full of challenges that took me far from my comfort zone but far closer to God. Sharing life and purpose with other team members who quickly became great friends was a real encouragement. 

Through summer projects I learnt this gives me a real buzz. Being in tune with God’s heart and seeing Him working in the lives of students so that they can be alive in Him, experiencing real freedom and real life – it’s incredible! 

Lizzie has been on previous projects to Russia


I haven't forgotten about you. You’re the ray of sunshine in my life! I can tell you that my life has changed since I've become a Christian - of course, in a good way! It's so wonderful, I simply can’t explain it!

Viktoriya became a believer after a previous project in Russia


This for me has to be one of the most exciting places in the world to do ministry. The chance to share with people in the country with the richest theological, spiritual, and political past, and maybe present in the world is a privilege few will ever have.

Matt has been on several projects to the Middle East


Agapé is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2019 and 2020.