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All of our resources are practical and born out of our everyday work of introducing people to the message of Jesus, helping them to grow in their understanding of how to follow him with their whole lives, and challenging them to go out and do the same with others.

Agapé Shop

Looking to purchase Agapé resources? You can find all our products including the JESUS DVD and Knowing God Personally for sale here.

The Biscuit Trail

A set of colourful cards that provoke discussion about the steps involved in helping a colleague begin to follow Jesus.


A set of photographs and accompanying questions to use as a visual way to initiate spiritual conversations with your friends.


A training workshop on making the Gospel relevant to everyday life that will help you tell the story of God at work in your life.


A fresh and unique online experience for couples, giving tools to build a happier, healthier life together.

A Day Together

A fun day event for couples, designed to inspire and equip them to strengthen and grow their relationship with each other.

 Free Downloads

Many of our resources are available as free PDF downloads so you can start using them immediately.


A variety of different ways of sharing the Christian faith, including the Knowing God Personally booklet.

Small Group

A number of small group Bible studies designed for both believers and those seeking.

Discipleship Articles

A selection of articles designed to help believers grow in their faith.

Common Questions

Many people have questions about Christianity and these articles help address some of the most common questions.

Thought Provokers

These articles are designed to get you thinking.

Transferable Concepts

Simple concepts for living the Christian life. Once learnt they can easily be passed onto others.