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Gospel Outlines

Whilst there is only one gospel message there are different ways of explaining it depending on your context and audience. These outlines all explain the central message of Christianity.


Knowing God Personally

This short booklet explains how you can enter into a personal relationship with God and experience the life for which you were created. Bible verses throughout support the main points and there are questions throughout to get the reader thinking.

Paper copies of the Knowing God Personally booklet are available to purchase here .


Knowing God Personally (Welsh version)

This version of the Knowing God Personally is in Welsh.


The Story of the Bible

This short outline tells the story from creation through to the new world. 


Introducing God

Some basic understanding about who God is can begin to make sense of our lives and open up the possibility, not just of knowing God as an idea, but of encountering him as a living reality. In this outline we’ll consider five roles of God and what that means for us personally and the world as a whole.


Becoming and Being a Christian

To get a clearer picture of both what it means to become a Christian and to be a Christian, we need to know the big story of the Bible. We’ll use a simple outline: Creation, Fall (how the creation was ruined), Rescue, Judgement, New Creation; and ask three questions: What was God’s intention for the world (and what was our part in that)? What has gone wrong in the world (and how has that affected us)? What is God doing about that (and how does he involve us?).