Russia Global Project (St. Petersburg)


This project will not be taking place in 2022. Check back again in Autumn 2022 for an update about the opportunity to go to Russia with Agapé UK in 2023.


Approximately £1,550 (to be confirmed).

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What can I expect? 

Russia is a nation that wields immense influence over world events; St. Petersburg, her former capital, is a city of canals and palaces and remains the cultural capital of Russia, even today. St. Petersburg’s universities boast alumni that include leaders, both historic and current, that have had, and continue to have, huge influence in shaping Russia and the way she relates with the rest of the world.


Due to the ongoing global pandemic we are unable to send a Global Project to St. Petersburg this year. As an alternative, however, we are offering you the opportunity to join a Digital Global Project!

You will have the opportunity to join a team of around 8 students and Agapé UK staff from universities around the country. Even though we are unable to travel to Russia, you will still be able to get to know Russian students involved with the Agapé student movement in St. Petersburg, getting the chance to connect more deeply with them as you help them run an online project, “#ЯВЕРЮ” (“#YA ver-YOO” or #IBELIEVE). The project will aim to help the Agapé student movement in St. Petersburg connect with new students – Russia’s future leaders and influencers – of all beliefs and backgrounds and to help these students explore their worldview, as well as giving them the opportunity to practise their English skills and discover more about Jesus. 

If travel restrictions next summer allow, the Digital Global Project team will be travelling together to a joint location somewhere in the UK; we are currently looking at holiday rentals in South West England and on the Welsh coast. This would allow us to take advantage of beach-time (weather permitting!), and to enjoy the fresh fish and chips, during times that we are offline. We will also have the chance to take a day trip (or two). As with all Agapé UK Global Projects, you’ll get the opportunity to stretch yourself, whilst receiving top-notch training and one-to-one investment from Agapé UK staff.


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Agapé UK is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2021 and 2022.