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Agapé UK is strengthening relationships and promoting the importance of community and family life, to enhance the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of everyone in society.

Through our FamilyLife resources and events, we’re supporting people around the country to build flourishing relationships and strong marriages, and discover what it means to have a lasting relationship with Jesus.


Together is our marriage discipleship resource, giving couples the opportunity to really invest in their relationship in a safe group context. Over the past year some groups have been running Together sessions online, enabling people to take part wherever they are in the world!

One couple who recently ran one from Liverpool said:

“Together is a fantastic tool to support and strengthen your marriage. You can learn a lot about yourself and as a couple. It will have a positive impact on your marriage.”


Together is now in 12 languages, the most recent being Farsi. We are especially excited about this as Kia and Negin, who lead our FamilyLife Farsi-speaking ministry in the UK, are now able to see the rollout of Together groups amongst Iranian couples in the UK and beyond. It has been a long process and we are thankful for God’s faithfulness in making this happen.

Couples Talk

Couples Talk started up last year to meet a felt need for couples experiencing new pressures as a result of lockdown. We meet monthly over a zoom webinar for an hour of engaging live conversation with different couples sharing their story about a particular marriage-related topic. We have not been shy to address some difficult issues and each couple weaves in their own testimony of how their Christian faith has impacted their relationship.

Couples Talk


At FamilyLife we love to provide you with quality resources to help you in your marriage. As well as our tried and tested resources available in the ARC, we have a growing catalogue of practical tools and materials in our Couples Talk Library and recently we produced a free, downloadable guide for processing the impact of the pandemic on your relationship.

Find out more about FamilyLife here.