Discovering Jesus Together

Share your faith in Jesus as a way of life

Living & Telling is our flagship training resource, designed to encourage and inspire you to help people discover Jesus together. Now also available to run with your group online, this 10-part, video-led training series is for churches and groups who want to learn how to get better at discussing faith naturally in conversation and throughout everyday life.

Agapé UK is working with churches across the UK, supporting church leaders as they inspire their members to grow in confidence to talk about their faith in Jesus.

Discover courses, resources, and events to strengthen your relationships and build deeper connections in your community
Find ideas on how to maintain a healthy working life, and tips and resources to give you confidence in having conversations about faith
Get involved with a growing network of students passionate about exploring the big questions on life, faith, and God
Find out more about opportunities to go overseas, and how to bring hope and tangible help to those facing poverty and crisis

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We're Agapé UK. For over 50 years, we've been inspiring people to discover Jesus at home, at work, at university and abroad. As the UK arm of an international Christian charity, active in over 190 countries, we're bringing people together and seeing lives transformed.