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If you have discovered Jesus and are very glad that you have, it is natural to want to tell others what you have found. In fact, some find it hard to hold it in! Others might be more reticent to “push their faith” on others, and many Christians are getting the feeling that we shouldn’t talk about our faith at all. What is the right approach? How can we be respectful of others, yet share what we have found in Jesus? What does courage look like in an age of silencing believers? And how do we answer some of the big questions of life?

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Living & Telling

We’re all in relationships, with colleagues at work, friends, family members and a partner, if married. How we respond to those people will contribute to the quality of the relationships.

Someone once said that great relationships don’t happen by accident. They take effort. Another person said that love is spelled: T-I-M-E.

A thriving relationship will have honesty and openness at the heart of communication, which means feeling safe, trusting the person you’re with and helping them to trust you.  You could add love, respect, acceptance and support to the ingredients for a flourishing relationship. Good relationships also resolve disagreements in healthy ways, offering and receiving forgiveness.

But relationships are about mutuality more than particular behaviours. There is healthy interdependence so we are happy to give and to receive.

We can learn to build thriving relationships and many psychologists provide evidence-based principles for these. An example is Attachment Theory, which describes our need for intimate connection.

The Bible is clear that humans were created to be connected, well before the development of Attachment Theory. The first thing that was “not good” in the Creation order was for the man to be alone, and so God made a woman so that together they could fulfil each others need for intimacy.

The Bible also teaches that the foundation for thriving relationships is a thriving relationship with Jesus, which profoundly impacts our identity and behaviour. So if we want to build thriving relationships the best place to start is where we stand with Jesus and grow in our relationship with him.

A Day Together

Do you love what you do? Some people are fortunate enough to have the time of their lives at work, but the truth is that many would often rather be doing something else. But whether you love it or whether you don’t, work is important. The routine of turning up for work and giving your effort towards something is healthy, and part of life.

But work shouldn’t be all consuming. Everyone needs rest, relaxation, and relationships. Many a movie has warned us of the perils of getting lost in workaholism, only to miss out on the richness of life with friends and family. Whether it’s because you find work compelling and addictive, or demanding and oppressive, it can sometimes be hard to escape and draw those boundaries.

Work life and relationships too can be challenging. And what about leadership…how can what we believe impact how we lead?

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Living & Telling

Have you ever wondered what the first disciples would say about their lives looking back? Would they say the promise in John 10:10 that they would have “life in all its fullness” had come true?

It’s hard to imagine they’d do anything but gush in awe about how amazing their lives on earth had turned out to be. Life in all its fullness, of course, is not the same as a charmed life of luck and uninterrupted delight. Their lives were certainly full though – full of challenge, full of passion, full of drama, danger, miracles, wonders and unfathomable joy, and, at the end, for most, a cruel death at the hands of their persecutors. Would Peter, for example, tell you it was worth it all?

Throwing your lot in with God really means letting him take charge. Letting him do whatever He wants, in and through you. Henry Varley challenged his friend D L Moody with these words: “The world has yet to see what God can do with a man fully consecrated to Him”. The more we surrender our lives to God, the less ordinary they will be, and the fuller He will fill them with his purposes for us and for the world.

GAiN Projects

It starts at different ages, but sooner or later, you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering what life is all about. You might have these nagging questions about the meaning of life as you settle down to sleep, find yourself contemplating your existence in the shower, or get lost in your thoughts in the car. These deep and important questions are universal, but many feel uncomfortable discussing them with others. Hooray for the internet! Here is a place you can take a journey with your thoughts, check out your ideas and hear from others who have also thought long and hard about these things. Whether you have concrete ideas that you want to chew over, or just need some input and inspiration, this is the place for you.

The questions of life are deeply connected the the essence of human identity. Time, space, history, what will happen in the future, the question of God and who we are as human beings are all important in shaping our worldview. Thinking these matters through helps us understand the reason we’re here and the implications about how best to live our lives. Dive in! The water’s lovely.

Living & Telling

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