Disconnecting to reconnect

By Greer Jones

Take some time out this year to reconnect with God in a fresh way. Use our retreat guide to help you focus on Him, shut out any distractions and spend time just you and God. Bible verses to reflect on, questions to ponder and a song to breathe in. 

Find it here > Retreat Guide 2021


The start of a year or new life season is a great time to reflect on what has been and to look ahead to what is come but it can also be a time to stop and connect or recharge your spiritual life. 

It is so easy to fill our schedules with good things but not be able to connect with the true source and carving out some time can be just what we need. 

But what does connecting with the true source look like? It is different for everyone but we have created a guided retreat to help you connect with God. In this retreat we look at a passage in John and the year we have just left behind. We are disconnecting from our schedules and to do lists to reconnect with God. 

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