20 days devotional on change (Days 6-10)

By Larry Platner

Find the second week of our 20 daily devotionals all around the subject of change. Read them through Monday to Friday. Enjoy!

Change is an opportunity for spiritual formation. Though brutal at times, it reveals our fears, weaknesses and wrong attitudes. Yet without this we wouldn’t acknowledge our need for Jesus and we wouldn’t mature in our faith.

One of the ways that we may deal with change is to seek a return to previous patterns and ways of living that we are familiar with or our own crutches, safety nets and coping mechanisms; our normality.

Such was the case for Peter and the other disciples. 

God could change our circumstances, replacing our losses with something better, removing us from painful situations to a better one, etc… but God has a greater gift for us then bettering our circumstances. He desires to make us more like his Son.

The West’s emphasis on individuality has left many of us isolated, going it alone, which is something God never intended. Moses was navigating a massive change in his own life and leading others in change. He knew that to bear the burden of leading a fickle people was beyond him. He desperately needed to know that he was not alone but that God was with him.

Change will surface an abundance of feelings, most of which will be on the negative side. It is in times like this that we need to remember Jesus, remember how he has come to our aid in the past, remember the stories that others have shared of God’s provision in their lives, remember the stories of the Bible, how God saved others from the most desperate and impossible situations.

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