20 days devotional on change (Days 11-15)

By Larry Platner

Find the third week of our 20 daily devotionals all around the subject of change. Read them through Monday to Friday. Enjoy!

When it comes to navigating changes in life, God doesn’t give out maps. Often he doesn’t show you your final destination and provides little detail about the road ahead. What he does do is be your guide. Rather then trusting in your detailed plans he says “Trust me”.

Navigating change takes a lot of wisdom. Do you rely on your own or that of others or do you seek the wisdom of God?

To follow Jesus is to let go. What in your life are you reluctant to let go? What obligations, comforts, securities, dreams, friends, are rooting you in a place?

It is difficult enough find balance in life without change. Work, family obligations, rest, leisure, socialising, keeping up with social media, maintaining your home, your finances, and on it goes. What balance you achieve can be shattered by change.

In the midst of change and loosing your balance, prayer is a way of grounding yourself in God’s love and confidence that He is with you. Prayer is the assurance that there is a God who knows what’s going on in your inner being and longs to be closer than close to you no matter what you have done or how you feel.

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