At University

Agapé Students has been working on UK campuses for over 50 years.

Our student leaders and staff are passionate about engaging students – the next generation of our country’s leaders and influencers – in exploring the bigger questions of life, faith, God, etc., and we also offer people the chance to explore what Jesus has to say about these topics. As we ourselves discover more of Jesus each day, we are convinced that the transformation we experience through this is available to every student in the UK.

Connect with Agapé Students at your university and beyond!

Agapé Students are active on campuses in six cities around the UK and in over 190 other countries around the world!

Find out what we’re up to and doing on campuses near you and how you can get involved in our global movement that is discovering Jesus together.

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Students’ questions

What opportunities are there to see God at work on my campus? How can I answer the big questions of life?

Find answers to these questions, and others, that students around the UK are asking!

Students’ stories

Our communities are bringing students together and changing lives. Read some of the personal stories, from students connected to our communities around the UK, below:

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Support Agapé UK’s work with students

About to graduate or just a student at heart?! Even if you’re not a student, there are still many different ways that you can join with us to support students as they are discovering Jesus.

Find out how you can volunteer, pray and give to our work.