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At work

Agapé UK is equipping people to confidently live and share their faith at work. We’re helping the UK’s workforce to learn more about their professional strengths and weaknesses, achieve a healthy work life balance and gain a sense of satisfaction and purpose at work.

And, through our network of music professionals, we’re sharing our faith through music.

Exploring your questions about work...

Do you love what you do? Some people are fortunate enough to have the time of their lives at work, but the truth is that many would often rather be doing something else. But whether you love it or whether you don’t, work is important. The routine of turning up for work and giving your effort towards something is healthy, and part of life.

But work shouldn’t be all consuming. Everyone needs rest, relaxation, and relationships. Many a movie has warned us of the perils of getting lost in workaholism, only to miss out on the richness of life with friends and family. Whether it’s because you find work compelling and addictive, or demanding and oppressive, it can sometimes be hard to escape and draw those boundaries.

Work life and relationships too can be challenging. And what about leadership…how can what we believe impact how we lead?

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Living & Telling

If you have discovered Jesus and are very glad that you have, it is natural to want to tell others what you have found. In fact, some find it hard to hold it in! Others might be more reticent to “push their faith” on others, and many Christians are getting the feeling that we shouldn’t talk about our faith at all. What is the right approach? How can we be respectful of others, yet share what we have found in Jesus? What does courage look like in an age of silencing believers? And how do we answer some of the big questions of life?

Agapé UK is dedicated to helping people discover Jesus, just as we are on a journey of discovery ourselves. We have a wealth of information, tools, and practical steps you can take to help you figure out the best way for you to share your faith in your context.

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Living & Telling

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