At Work

The most influential people in the world are among the least likely to hear the good news of Jesus. This is why we have followers of Jesus in the professional field. Our ‘At Work’ team are ambassadors for Christ to a wide range of leaders and professionals in the UK, helping people to discover Jesus at work using tried and tested resources.


Professional Sportspeople

We work with professional sportspeople across Europe, helping them to explore their questions about faith, life and God, and supporting them to grow through their own personal spiritual journey.

Currently working with elite sportsmen and women in basketball, tennis, football and athletics, we connect with them regularly to support them as they navigate life’s questions, in the midst of the pressure of top level sport.  For example, we have been supporting 9 Olympians at the Games in Tokyo this year. 

Influential Leaders

We provide opportunities for influential leaders of all faiths and none, helping them understand how the values of Jesus enhance professional, personal and spiritual facets of life.  

 We serve their needs through individual meetings, networking with other leaders in the public and private sectors, and special events such as Easter and carol services, prayer breakfasts, and International Women’s Day celebrations. 

 Currently most of our activities in this area are online, which is offering even greater opportunities to connect with those leaders who want to further explore the teachings of Jesus. 



As a network of Christian musicians in the UK, we seek to support artists in exploring faith, and to build a network of professional Christian musicians.

We also work together with churches to explore God-inspired creativity and develop artistic talent.

To find out more about our work with leaders and professionals, please contact us using the details below.