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The Challenge

Wouldn’t it be great if every student had the opportunity to discover who Jesus is? It’s Agapé Students’ desire that every student will know someone that follows Jesus, so they can ask questions and discover Jesus together. And that’s why we want to invite every follower of Jesus to join The Challenge.

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The Challenge is a 5-week series of challenges starting in March 2023. It consists of weekly challenges to help us discover more about Jesus and talking about our faith, so we can give others the opportunity to discover Jesus too.

The Challenge has 3 elements: personal spiritual growth, growing in talking about our faith, and inviting friends and fellow students to join The Conversation (discussion groups).

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The Challenge

Personal spiritual growth

  • Listen to the weekly podcast

  • Read through the weekly YouVersion plan.

  • Talking about your faith

  • Take part in a short training session each week

  • Learn to use a new conversational tool

  • Engage in conversations on or around your university.

  • Invite friends and fellow students to join The Conversation

  • Pick a time and place, and invite your friends to join The Conversation of that week.

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