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I’ll let you into a secret. I want to live an extraordinary life. I dream of living a life that counts for something. I dream of being the sort of person who really loves people rather than just wants them to like me. I dream of not getting consumed by the self-centred, materialistic, distracted, spirit-sapping life I see all around me.

But there’s a problem. I’m not an extraordinary person. So what are my prospects? Is there any hope of rising above the monotony of the ordinary?


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We would like to thank Jack Barraclough (Agapé UK), Cieran House (Holy Half Hour), Tim Moyler (Agapé UKLiving & Telling), Minister Madge Obaseki (Church Consultant, Healthy Church Growth Show podcast) and Anne Witton (Living Out) for their contributions of audio recordings for our YouVersion plan.