Welcome to Global Project Leader Training!

Thank you so much for serving people from UK and around the world by agreeing to become a Global Project Leader.

This year, for the first time ever, the Agapé UK Global team is trying out running the training as a series of videos. We hope that in the long-term this will make organising and attending the training more convenient for everyone! We apologise if there are any teething issues. Please let us know if you spot any mistakes or if you think any of the information that we share is unclear.

Even though we’re not running these in-person this year, if you have any questions about the content of the sessions, or about organising and leading your Global Project, the Agapé UK Global team are still always happy to help you out. Drop us an e-mail at: global@agape.org.uk or contact us through Microsoft Teams.

Project Leader Training modules

You can work through the modules in one go or one-at-a-time at your own pace. Before you start, please download the Project Leader Training Handbook here.

Thanks so much for agreeing to serve as a Global Project Leader! In this session, led by Andy Dixon, we’ll start together by opening the Bible to remind ourselves about why we’re going on the Global Project journey together.

What is a Project Leader supposed to do? Sara Zareian will take us through a general overview of the main responsibilities of a Project Leader.

What goes into planning a Global Project? You’ll be please to hear that not all of the responsibilities belong to the Project Leader, but Sean Wood will give us a general run through how Global Projects are run and organised.

How do we make sure Global Projects are as safe as possible? And how should we respond if something doesn’t go to plan? This is a really important session, and Sean Wood is going to explain how we should carry out a risk assessment, and he’ll also introduce us to the Overseas Travel Crisis Management Protocols.

Please make sure you save the UK Crisis Manager’s number in your phone: +44 121 348 7589.

‘Plan a project and people will come…’ Sadly, in reality, it’s not that straightforward. Andy Dixon will take us through the process that we go through to assess Global Project applications.

How do we decide what we actually do whilst we’re on Global Project? Lauren Dixon will give us some pointers about how we can begin to plan the activities and schedule of our Global Project.

This session is optional, unless you’ve been specifically instructed to go through it by the Agapé UK Global team.

If we speak to people in a language they don’t know, they won’t understand us. Communicating across cultures can be just like that – even when we are speaking in the same language! To communicate directly to people’s hearts, it’s helpful to understand a bit more about their worldview and values. Lauren Dixon will give us some tips about how to prepare ourselves to communicate effectively and be loving guests in another culture.

Once you’ve finished the video session above, we highly recommend watching Global Frontier Missions’ full explanation of Muller’s Worldview Theory below: