Sharing Jesus in your Living Room (or over Zoom!)

What’s a spiritually inspiring gathering someone could hold in their living room? Or of course, during these times, over Zoom?

Five Agapé UK staff members, past and present, share their ideas… You can quite easily adapt the below ideas, for gatherings over Zoom. 

I have loved hosting Christianity Explored (an informal course about what it means to follow Jesus). It’s just the easiest way to very directly engage with people. I just explain what it is and invite people over for food. Many have come. 

Christy Staats 


Easter Parties, Thanksgiving Parties, Christmas Parties where you eat, have fun, play games and share the meaning of the holiday. 

Daryl Carrott

Bring-and-share cheese and wine evening with someone sharing a testimony. Watch a football match on TV and play some video testimonies of sports people.  Or have a ‘mixed grill meal as part of a Grill a Christian type event. 

Geoff Shave 


Watch a short film, TED talk or YouTube clip and have snacks and discussion. Or get everyone to bring a song that has been important in their life, listen to the songs and share what they mean to you (you can also do this with objects or photos instead). Play a game like Table Talk to stimulate conversation. 

Anne Witton 

One thing I have done is gathered some of the women in my street for a Women’s Wine night. I have also been part of a book club and when it’s my turn, I’ve suggested a book with a spiritual element  the story of someone’s life where faith played a part. I have recently asked a friend if she wanted to read the Bible with me. She’s an atheist and we meet once a month having read a gospel. We have breakfast and discuss. 

Jo Arkell  

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