Student Global Projects

Imagine an adventure that could change cities, countries and continents around the globe whilst also forever transforming your life. A summer that propels you into a deeper walk with God and gives you greater confidence in talking about the bigger questions in life with your friends; a summer that develops your leadership skills and begins friendships you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.

This is what Agapé UK’s global projects are all about. They’re an exciting adventure in discovering Jesus and helping others to find out more about him too. In 2021, will you go global?

Find out more information about the projects we plan to run next year below.


Date: 2021 dates to be confirmed

Cost: £200, inclusive of accomodation, insurance, resources, in-country transport and special dinner. YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK YOUR OWN FLIGHTS AND COVER YOUR FOOD EXPENSES.

What can I expect?

You’ll spend a week in the Mediterranean launching a student movement amongst some of the 11,500 students at The University of Malta in Msida. You’ll enjoy one of Europe’s smallest and most historic countries whilst helping students who have rejected ritualistic faith discover Jesus as they search for more.

The team will be joining in with a bunch of passionate, motivated Maltese student leaders who are keen to see their friends and fellow students experience a living and active Jesus. You’ll be going alongside 8-12 students and Agapé UK staff from universities all over the country, and will get great training, investment, and fun along the way too.

Apply online here.

Fill out a reference form for a project applicant here.

St Petersburg, Russia

Date: 2021 dates to be confirmed

Cost: £1550 (TBC – all inclusive of flights, accommodation, food etc)

What can I expect?

You’ll invest three weeks with the local Agapé team in St Petersburg, Russia’s cultural capital. You’ll be making friends with local students from some of the best universities in Russia, will run English-language events, and in all of this, discover Jesus as you help others to find out about him.

The spiritual climate in Russia is shifting, and you can play a significant role in introducing tomorrow’s leaders to Jesus. You’ll get a chance to explore what makes St Petersburg so remarkable, whilst helping students understand what it could mean for them to know God.

The team will be made up of 10-15 students and Agapé UK staff from universities all over the country. You’ll get top-notch training and one-to-one investment, and will be immersed in the beauty and differences of another culture. You’ll learn lots, you’ll grow quickly, and you’ll see God do more than you can imagine.

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Applying for an Agapé UK Global Project

So you’re interested in going on a Global Project next year? That’s great! We’re really excited that you are thinking about joining us!

Before you apply, it’s vital you speak with an Agapé UK staff member at your university or a trusted Christian friend about it. Praying is essential too!

Here’s how it works to go on an Agapé UK Global Project:

  1. Click the correct link below to go to the project Application Form. Fill it out, submit it, and then immediately email a photocopy of the photo page of your passport to
  2. If you are applying for the Russia project, ask two people to fill out a Reference Form. One should be a leader in your church and the other should be either an Agapé UK staff member or a trusted Christian friend. If you are applying for the Malta project you only need one reference, preferably an Agapé UK staff member. Email them the link to the Reference Form, or send them the link to this webpage so they can click through to the link themselves.
  3. Once we receive your Application Form and your Reference Form(s), we will evaluate your application and let you know if you have been accepted via email.
  4. You will then be sent further information about the project, raising finances, and your next steps in the post.

Apply for the Malta Global Project.

Apply for the Russia Global Project.

Fill out a reference for a project applicant.

The deadline for ALL Global Project applications for 2021 is Friday 28th February 2021. Don’t miss out!

Find out more about raising the finances for your Global Project here.

Click here to read all the legal bits and package information about our Global Projects.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, get in touch with us at, or give us a ring on the number in the footer below.



Agapé UK is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2019 and 2020.1