The Mentor Ministry (TMM)

Do you want more joy in your walk with God? Do you have a desire to share the compassion and message of Christ, but feel like you don’t have enough opportunities in your everyday life? 

TMM is a safe, easy and anonymous way to make yourself actively available to God and walk with people on their spiritual journeys. 

What’s good about TMM?

  • Opportunities to engage with real people from around the world, listen with empathy, pray for them and gently open doors to spiritual conversations and the gospel
  • Safety for people on both sides of the conversation through the secure messaging site.
  • Interactive, self-paced training to get you started and throughout your journey as a mentor 
  • Real-time support: we’ll match you with a mentor coach who will help you grow your confidence and skills
  • Connection with a growing community of UK-based mentors who share tips, ideas and prayer requests

How do I get started? 

  • Apply here to be a mentor here and submit a spiritual reference
  • Read and agree to the Agapé UK safeguarding and data protection policies 
  • Authorise Agapé UK to do an enhanced DBS check on your behalf
  • Work through the four modules of self-paced basic training
  • Set your availability and preferences 
  • Start receiving and replying to messages with the support of your mentor coach

How the conversation starts-

  1. People seeking hope search the internet for solutions to their problems.
  2. They discover and read our content (on sites like Issues I Face) directly related to their personal struggle. Each article invites them to journey with a mentor who will be safe and listen to their story.
  3. They fill out a form at the bottom of the article and are soon connected via email to a mentor through, our custom-built, secure email platform that facilitates mentoring conversations. Then the conversation begins!

Every month, this strategy sparks hundreds of spiritual conversations, leading to over 10,000 messages back and forth with our mentors worldwide. Our mentors help people feel loved and heard. And most importantly, they point the way to Jesus.

What mentors are saying:

“Mentoring has given me more of a boldness to witness in my everyday life.” — Sarah

“It has grown me spiritually, having to rely on the Holy Spirit to answer mentees’ questions.” —Karen

Any questions? 

Contact us for more information: