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Jesus Video Project

Enabling a church to make meaningful connections with households - offering everyone in the community the story of Jesus on DVD.

The video above explains how the project works and shows how churches have benefitted from giving everyone the story.

What is the Jesus Video Project?

When was the last time 70 people in your community spent more than an hour thinking about Jesus...and are now waiting for someone to come and talk to them?

The Jesus Video Project is a simple, proven way for churches to bring the story of Jesus to every household in their community. Over 2,000 churches in the UK have used this low-cost strategy to make meaningful contact with homes in two steps:

  1. Offering a DVD of the film JESUS and
  2. Returning to take a Viewer Opinion Questionnaire and follow-up on any spiritual interest.

Since 1998, over three million UK homes have received an offer of this docu-drama on the life of Jesus. The project provides tried and tested guidelines for each step in the process ofgiving everyone the story.