Discover the Power of Praying for Opportunities

By Kimberley Carribine

Working on a Middle Eastern campus as part of her year-long assignment, Kimberley was frustrated by the lack of opportunities she had to talk to others about her faith in Jesus. Then one morning as she was working on her language studies in a café, her friend John came in.

He talked about how God was opening up many opportunities for him to share his faith with students in language class. Kimberley wanted to know where all of these opportunities were coming from.

“When John said, ‘All I do is pray’, I realised that’s exactly what I hadn’t been doing.”

“After that I began praying with faith that God would hear and answer; that he would show us his power and surprise us.” Kimberley began to see God directing her to those he wanted her to speak to, whether during her team’s evangelism times or in everyday life.

“For example, we started chatting to a lady in a café. I shared my testimony and my teammate Hannah shared from the Bible. Two weeks later, Hannah bumped into her again. She had been thinking about our conversation since we’d met, so Hannah excitedly arranged for us to meet her that afternoon.

We spent an hour beforehand praying.”

“It was clear that God was directing our conversation as he answered our prayers before our eyes. I inwardly asked God, ‘Please help us move the conversation onto you’ and five seconds later it did! Then I asked, ‘Please open up an opportunity for us to get out the Bible and talk about Jesus’ and that’s exactly what happened! We told this woman just how much God loved her.”

Kimberley and the team have learned the power of praying in faith for God to direct their paths towards those He wants to hear His message.

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