Emma Parkin

Gentle and Lowly

By Lauren Graham If you have spoken to me at all since January 2022, it’s highly likely I’ve managed to bring Dane Ortlund’s Gentle and Lowly into the conversation somehow. I have been talking about this book since I finished it, and I will probably be talking about it for the rest of my life.

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Making room

By Quy Te It is very common for many of us to be so overwhelmed by our schedules that when it comes to spending quality time with God, it can almost feel impossible. We experience busy days at work, responsibilities regarding our families, serving for our local church on top of normal weekly errands like

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A new start

By Nicole Barnard A new year, a new start, a new you A change of heart Find a new rhythm, simplify your life, declutter your mind Realise what matters: being patient and kind And prioritising relationships – with your Father, yourself, those you love and those you long to know better Replace hurry, impatience, introspection,

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Future hope

By Jack Barraclough Lots of us live for the weekend. Whatever struggles the week throws our way, we grind through them, fixing our eyes on the promise of the weekend. Our hope for a time of rest or celebration gives us endurance because we know that our professional pressures will not last forever. In busy

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Has your vision died?

By Tony Brown Have you ever heard a talk that has had a lasting impact on you, which you have referred to again and again? Many years ago, I heard one such talk entitled ‘Has your vision died?’ It focused on a handful of Biblical characters who had all experienced setbacks in their journey with God.   Each of them had had a clear sense of calling

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